It’s hard playing a canon character. Constantly I’ll doubt myself because I’ll see all these other versions of the same character portrayed so well that I just don’t feel so confident in my own portrayal. When people follow me I think they’re trying to measure me against all of these expectations, and I can’t meet them because I tend to lead the character down a different path than what’s canon.



Eventually the comment registered; too distracted by the fingers ghosting over his skin Thor’s mind took a moment to force his focus away from the touch and to the words. The check up was somewhat of a comforting prospect, relaxing further into the matress Thor grinned a small lopsided smile at the admittance. ’ Cannot imagine a better place to be..’ he muttered, pressed a scruffy cheek against Steven’s forehead with a gentle tilt of his head.

Steve smiled, fingers still tracing designs on the Asgardian’s chest. His fingers itch to sketch something, especially the man laying next to him, but he already had sketch books filled with drawings the god. He never got tired of drawing the other man though. “I’m right there with you.” 

Admittedly Thor was utterly pleased with that knowledge, it was not often the soldier was this earnest about his thoughts. He wasn’t particularly ticklish but the small touches caused a light shudder down his spine, followed by a rather content hum. Inevitably it caused his own hand to curl around a round shoulder more tightly. ’ You do realize we will have to move at some point or another, a shower or some food is not horrible idea either..’

"Mind if I sleep here tonight?" from Steve




' I would not mind at all but… is something the matter with the apartment? '

' I will still have to arrange additional bedding, I suspect you steal sheets and such.' 


' It is honestly my pleasure… Preference of a side of the bed? '

"I don’t steal sheets. At least… I don’t think I do."


"And I think since it’s your bed, it’s your choice which side I take."

' You have taken a blanket and wrapped it around yourself  entirely. It was on the couch but you still hoarded it.'

' I will take the right side then.'



He couldn’t quite place the sound of Wade’s voice, either the man was utterly amused by all this or terribly nervous. Entertaining the idea that both was a realistic possibility, considering the merc’s train of thought in general, Thor smiled lightly, the curl of lips a gentle rise upwards before the god’s features settled on the earnest expression to accompany his words. ‘ There are plenty of better things to indulge in, I would not mind testing my skills on other parts of your body.’  It was a rather bold move but boldness was necessary at times, Thor hooked a finger behind the man’s belt and tugged it once before tilting his head in question. ‘ I hope you will let me.’ 

Like usual, Wade had about ten trains of thought all running at once at this given moment. However once Thor hooked a finger into one of his belt loops and gave a short tug, all of Wade’s trains of thought suddenly meddled into just one: fuck me, Thor actually wants this. A grin quickly spread across his face as he mimicked Thor’s action and hooked one of his own fingers into Thor’s belt and tugged too, bringing the two of them closer. “‘Course I’ll let you,” Wade said. “I’d be a fool not to. Especially since the brief display of your tongue skills has already gotten my mind going into all kinds of kinky places.”

Thor managed to refrain from asking to what kind of places Wade’s mind was going; sometimes it was wiser not to question anything, especially concerning the man’s thoughts, no matter how tempting it was to do so. Enjoying their closeness for a moment Thor did manage some restraint, his fingers moved quite slowly as they worked with gentle tugs to loosen the merc’s belt. ’ I would not call it foolish per say, a pity maybe.’ The strip of leather was pulled through the loops and the asgardian couldn’t suppress a rather gleeful smile at the sound of it. ’ There is time to reconsider still ’ he mused with an arched brow, even though his thumb at the button of Wade’s pants suggested otherwise.




He hadn’t meant to intrude and for some reason it didn’t feel like he was. The fact remained however that the thunderer couldn’t comprehend why Bruce would let him linger when he most likely could be preoccupied with some research. 

' I'd hate to keep you from your workings, which I most likely have already.' The frown worried him, Bruce was welcoming as always but the man was also an enigma in many ways. Shifting slightly and now perched on one elbow Thor's smile grew into a bright one before nodding towards the tablet. ' I reckon most of what you are doing now could have been done last evening.'

"Probably," he said, guilty, and picked up the tablet to put it into the drawer of the bedside table, deciding it best to hide it for now and focus on Thor; it wasn’t like he hadn’t had his thoughts interrupted by one thought or another about the Asgardian while studying the tablet intently to not blush should his eyes stray towards the blond.

With the tablet gone, Bruce rolled onto his side, mimicking the other’s position with a smile. “And you’re not keeping me from working, I enjoy your company,” more than Thor may realize, “and it was rude of me to keep working. But now you have my undivided attention, though I’m surprised you didn’t grow bored remaining with me.”

' Are you quite sure? ' There was no way of making proper judgement on what Bruce had been doing and since their conversation halted some hours ago Thor had been perfectly content with just being there, not doing anything of significance aside from regarding the scientist. That in itself was a curious thing, quite a soothing thing to do but the god had enjoyed it and felt entirely at ease while doing so.

' I do not bore that easily ' he answered with a short shrug ' and you are dedicated to your work, it was hardly rude of you. Although I have to admit I am curious what it is exactly you are working on.'

" You know... I'm from Scandinavia ... when I was little some Russians still believed in the old gods " She murmurs over the drink in her hand, " It's a little weird having one of your gods sitting across from you."




Her remark made him chuckle slightly. ’ I do hope I am not a terrible disappointment in that regard. You have seen me bleed so I’d assume your views on gods has been altered?’

The secret nature of their work must rarely offer moments like that, Thor could only imagine that after days, weeks, even months, the call for relief of the tension that accompanied said work must become so grand that outbursts of frivolity were to be expected. Although he had not dared to dream of outbursts with in bathing rooms and certainly not toilets.

The image of Barton in such position made the god stifle what would have been a much too boisterous laugh, a few sips later Thor was contemplating on her question, a broad grin remained while answering. ’ Ah, our ales cannot be compared to those of this realm. I believe we have mastered the skill of increasing the intoxicating qualities of our drink tenfold, most likely due to our crops and fruits having evolved further.’ Arching a brow Thor nearly snorted at the visible curiosity. ’ I can almost feel the question if you can try some rising to the surface Natalia.’

Natasha gave a sheepish little huff and rolled her eyes. ” I have no idea what you are talking about,” She leaned back in her seat and then after a moment snorted, ” Yeah Okay I do want to try it. Just a little. I’m sure a little wouldn’t hurt.” She grinned up at him feeling comfortable and relaxed. 

He wanted to arch an eyebrow in an expression of disbelief before she finally admitted to her curiosity. Thor gulped the sip of vodka he had taken a moment before, successfully avoiding his own snort to shift the drink where he didn’t want it. ’ A little would not hurt. Although I cannot be held accountable for memory loss or loss of shoes for that matter.’ A cheeky grin accompanied the secretive tone of his voice as he leaned forward to whisper.’ Shall I provide you with some? ‘

"Thor." He came up behind his boyfriend and passed a kiss to the back of his neck. "You busy?" No doubt he could feel the smile on his lips from where they lingered on his skin.



Something shifted in the corner of his eye and before he had a chance to focus on it there was warm breath and equally warm lips on his neck. Thor grinned, the touch sparking tingles under his skin. ’ I was not too preoccupied with anything at the moment.’ 

"Oh good. I wouldn’t want to interupt." And he wouldn’t if Thor was busy but he hadn’t seen him all day really. Releasing him he circled around and smiled at him, taking up a similar position before kissing him, nipping at his bottom lip slightly. "I was drawing so I apologize if I get charcoal on you."

The short hum could have been mistaken for a veiled scoff if it wasn’t for the sheer amusement very visible in the god’s features. A short sigh later Steven was in front of him, impossibly beautiful smile softening Thor’s grin into a similar one. Enjoying the soft kiss for a moment the asgardian had to retort, albeit with a soft tone. ’ I do not mind some charcoal on me. Are you finished with the drawing? ‘

A Case Of U

12 plays

I am a lonely painter I live in a box of paints

I used 2 be frightened by the devil and drawn 2 those ones who weren’t afraid

Remember when u told me that love was touching souls?

Well, surely u touched mine

Part of u pours out of me from time 2 time in these lines

U’re in my blood like holy wine…u’re so bitter and so sweet

I could drink a case of you oh darling

I’d still be on my feet yea I’d still be on my feet

The Many Faces Of Evil II Closed



"Safe and sound" Jane repeated in her already sleepy half asleep state and curled her fingers around his. Her head fell to the side as sleep took over her body. Her breath was steady and deep and a small smile tugged on her lips. All in all she might have been pale from the exhaustions but she clearly looked better than she did before. 

The scientist slept a dreamless sleep for another eight hours and woke up in the early hours of the next morning. A yawn escaped her lips as she sat up with a smile. She felt like new born. For the first time in forever she felt strong and awake and rested. She was able to grasp all her thoughts and for the first time in forever she felt sweat covering her forehead - but it wasn’t the cold one she grew used to. She actually felt hot under the thick covers!

Jumping out of her bed she ran into the bathroom and beamed at her reflection in the mirror. She looked like her old self! She was her old self! After washing herself quickly she changed into a dress that someone left on a nearby chair and went to explore Asgard. She saw no need to stay in the healing chambers any longer. She was bound to her bed for long enough anyway. 

Warmth. There was warmth in abundance, carried into his chambers by the first rays of sunlight. Thor had awoken from it, since their encounter with The Dark One he had managed to rest for the whole night, had opened his eyes without unease lingering in his body. It was good to be home, but above else it was good to be without the burden of worry, at least for the time being.

Asgard was returned to its former glory, for the most part. The city was buzzing with life despite the early hour, the market overflowing with men and women of all ages, pacing slowly to allow contemplative looks on the various wares. He was greeted kindly by several, as if he had never left, the various smiles caused Thor’s own to remain fixed in a blissful expression. There was a sense of utter calmness in his people which in itself was a blessing.

He was not looking for Jane in particular, the guards had informed him she had ventured into the city and no doubt her curiosity had taken her further to the center where most of the activities were. Spotting her nearby Thor chuckled at her expression, pure wonder etched in her features and he couldn’t help but comment on it as he shifted closer.

' Still mesmerized by the city dear Jane? Not much has changed since your last visit.'

"Thor." He came up behind his boyfriend and passed a kiss to the back of his neck. "You busy?" No doubt he could feel the smile on his lips from where they lingered on his skin.

Something shifted in the corner of his eye and before he had a chance to focus on it there was warm breath and equally warm lips on his neck. Thor grinned, the touch sparking tingles under his skin. ’ I was not too preoccupied with anything at the moment.’ 

Golden Spoons And Silver Linings II Closed



Liza took a breath and listened intently as it was the only thing she could do for him. There was no way for her to ease his conscious, to take away his pain no matter how much she wanted to. It left her feeling a bit helpless, but she did what she could and hoped he was comforted by her presence. 

The frown on his face made her heart drop to her feet, the news about his dad making her throat tighten. She knew what that was like, losing a parent. Losing a father. “I’m sorry,” was all she could manage, her eyes dropping to their hands again as she continued to ghost her fingers over the calloused palm. “what do you want, Thor? Because at the end of the day, your brother can bully you and push you around all he wants, but if they’re still in your name, there’s nothing he can do. Maybe it’s best if you wait just a bit, put it off and tell him you’re busy or something.” Liza suggested. She hadn’t even met his brother and already she had a strong dislike of the person that put Thor into the state he was in now.

The air between them was no longer carrying the heavy tension from moments before. Thor regretted his outburst, darted his eyes to the side where his phone lay with accusatory cracks in the surface. He had always been brash and careless  but not to this extent, not to the point where he would actually break things, or act on his anger in such a physical way. It was a horrible place to be in, that fraction of a moment of losing control was dangerous.

' I don't care about the stocks Liza..' he muttered softly, turning his focus from the broken device to her small fingers still running over his palm. ' I just .. I want my family back.' Chewing on the inside of his cheek for a moment Thor's frown remained for a while before the line softened slightly. ' He can forget it, you are right. They are mine.. and I don't plan on going anywhere.' There was a small and gentle smile tugging at the corners of his mouth when he looked up at her, feeling relieved she was willing to stay with him. ' And I am busy, I have a girlfriend that should have my undivided attention.' 

sometimes I look at my rp partners and you’re all so great I just want to cry about it.

Well, I've never shipped it before and I noticed on your bio page, you only ship Loki and Thor as brothers, so, if I were to ship thundershield, seeing as it sounds highly interesting,,what are I suppose the basis of their relationship? If that makes any sense. And I love your blog by the way. ^_^

(( Oh dear Lokimun that is a difficult question ^^ And a very easy one at the same time!  I suppose the basis would be similar values, a high mutual respect for each other and on the surface they share very similar experiences while adapting to a world they don’t understand. It’s a man out of time vs. man out of place thing. From Thor’s standpoint Steve is a very unique human, from Steve’s standpoint Thor is the embodiment of everything he values. They compliment each other in a lot of ways.

Both in  MCU and comics they have what the other is looking for in a siginificant other: they are both strong, honorable, protectors, care for innocent and weak. They have huuuge hearts and a lot of love to give, duty always comes first for them, they know what it means to have more responsibilities than anyone else could ever bear and they both know they can trust each other. And trust means a lot to both of them. Their dynamic is fascinating to me and I believe makes for a long and most of all solid relationship. They would quite literally die for each other without a second thought.