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     Well! Here we are, almost 300 followers and it’s been eight months since I started rp’ing here. Lemme tell you, this has been the best experience I could have hoped for. I’ve met the most amazing people, gotten to write with such wonderful and talented folks, and made some of the best friends I could ask for. I’m seriously the luckiest person, and sometimes I know I forget that, but the fact that you all stick with me and cheer me up through the harder times makes me so happy. I honestly can’t express how much Liza and I love you all.

My Loves::

captain-outoftime— Abby my dear, you’ve been with me from the beginning almost, and the fact that you’ve stuck around so long means the world to me. I was so nervous to put myself (and Liza) out there, but when I saw that you’d started your Steve around the same time as I’d made Liza, that comforted me slightly— course it took me months to find out that you were the Jane I stalked! xD But I love you girlie, and I love that you’ve stuck with me for so long. I just hope I can keep you around for as long as I can <33

wintersbrokensoldier— Megannn, my dearest gem of a person and my favorite Scot, you’ve stuck with me for forever, too. And the fact that we basically stared at each other from afar for ages always makes me laugh, especially considering how far we’ve come. This ship and the fact that it just came out of nowhere is one of my favorite things, and I never want it to end. I love you, babes, and I love writing with you and I love talking to you and I just… yeah. Don’t ever change <33

asgardianhammer— Have I told you already how much I adore you? Because I do. I love writing with you, and these two idjits make me so happy you have no idea ^-^ Thank you for putting up with my shenanigans on Skype and for being occasionally whiny and annoying. Thank you for being amazing and pushing me to be better, and thank you for just being generally awesome. Ilu bby <33

valerieallbright/regulusxtonitrui— BABES. Jen, you’re another one who’s been with me for forever, and bless your heart for putting up with me being an ass. I know sometimes wires get crossed and things get misunderstood, but know that no matter what, I’ll always love ya. You’re amazing and talented and just… yes. Don’t ever leave meee <33

shieldintheice— Torriii. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna say it again- thank you for being awesome. Seriously, even if I’m not feeling down, you make me smile. And you’re so talented, your writing is amazing, and don’t even get me started on the feels-inducing Thundershield stuff you and Mir do. You’re amazing and I love you ^-^

mdbraelyn— My first in-state buddy and fellow OC! Jackie, you’re amazing, okay? You’ve got such a big heart and you’re an amazing writer, and you manage being a mom and an rp’er so well despite what you may think. I love you, dear, and we will have that playdate with the kids soon! Soooon!!

science-and-sass— My favorite Spidey! Seriously, I’m pretty sure at this point that you are Peter, except for the fact that you’re better at hiding your secret identity ;) I know you’re dealing with some hard stuff right now, but just know that you’ve got people who love you even though we’re half a world away. Don’t ever give up doing what you love, because you’re fucking fantastic <33

mischievousprinceloki/iampatienticanwait— Fellow Katie, and my favorite Loki-slash-Thranduil ^-^ Your muses are perfection, I hope you know that dear. I’m so glad you’re back, and I’m so glad you’re feeling better. You’re seriously so fantastic, both ic and ooc, and I just love seeing you on my dash. Not to mention I love writing with you! You’re amazing and fantastic and I love you, don’t ever stop <33

My bbies::

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Milky Way 3. ~ Daniel Segal

”Hier fühl ich mich wohler als in jedem Kinofilm.”


July 27, 2014 - Chris Hemsworth leaving SDCC